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Each of us has the ability to influence our health three times per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)...

Health is the new Wealth!

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Meet Dr. Radak


Dr. Radak has a masters and doctorate in Public Health Nutrition from the leading university for vegetarian science and nutrition, the  CEPH accredited Loma Linda University, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and has worked in the nonprofit sector and academia for over 20 years, authored or co-authored articles related to plant-based diets in peer-reviewed scientific journals, written several plant-based and vegetarian textbook chapters, and is passionate about helping the public discover the link between good health and plant-based diets via evidence-based nutrition.

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Speaking engagements

I regularly give talks and presentations on plant-based diets for disease prevention as well as specific nutrition topics to community groups, businesses, schools, conferences and  other events. Click the Contact page to get in touch

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