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UPDATED DHA and Vegan Presentation – October 2019

UPDATED TALK – April 2021

2021 Radak - Omega and DHA for plant-bas
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Here is an updated version to replace the July 2019 version given at N.A.V.S, 2019 of the DHA and Vegan presentation and includes content to help answer questions I received after the talk. You can access and download a full copy at the above link.

Over 100 additional studies have been added and the area in the talk related to brain size, dementia/AD have been strengthened. Additional interpretations of DHA and brain health have been added, additional discussion on dementia/AD and oxidation, along with additional non DHA risk factors, and additional interpretation of how residual confounding may be occurring with non DHA nutrients in fish along with fish or DHA status being a marker of a healthier lifestyle/diet. Newer studies including storage of DHA in adipose despite no direct source of DHA and DHA biomarker adipose samples in vegans showing DHA as a marker in tissue, rather than the usual serum/RBC status are reviewed. The Omega 3 and 6 sources chart has updated info on flax and chia which both have about the same Omega 6 to 3 ratios. Separately a blog article covering only brain health and Omega 3 can be found here:

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